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Find the Missing Links and Zones™

Pilates Certifications/CECs Provided + Diploma of completion for NCPT.

Comprehensive 1-Year Teacher Training.
From Foundations Levels I - VI, Intermediate. Advanced. All Apparatuses included.
Mat Work Teacher Training Foundation I & II, Intermediate, and Advanced with props.
Five Missing Links and Zones Courses™

The Teacher Training involves:

  • Intake Protocol
  • Postural Analysis
  • Reformer Setup
  • Methodology
  • Modifications
  • Transitions
  • Flow
  • Musicality/Tactile
  • Intakes Using Live Subjects
  • Program Design
  • How to Train the Eye
  • Student Teaching
  • Observation

Total investment for continuing education is $8,500
It is a 1-Year Program internship.
A La Carte per level is $4,500.
Mat work certification (Foundation 1&2, Intermediate, Advanced with props) is $2,800.
Workshops for 16 CECs is $495
For more information, give us a call at 305-466-6611 or email: reneericca67@gmail.com.