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Find the Missing Links and Zones™

CECs Provided for NCPT and NCBTMB

These workshops are offered to Pilates teachers as well as teachers of different modalities such as Bodywork, Massage therapists, functional fitness trainers, for self-care, and knowledge of the Pilates methodology and repertoires through the different Missing Links and Zones™

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Pilates Certifications
Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs. Training from Foundations Levels I & II to Level IV on All Apparatus.

The teacher training involves:
* function and rationale of the exercise
* postural analysis and intake protocol
* how to use your voice: verbal and tactile cueing, pacing, and dynamics
* muscle recruitment and biomechanics
* functional applications
* layering, modifications, and variations of the classical exercises
* tactile hands-on
* student teaching
* observations
* anatomy
* preparation for written exam
* intake protocol
* participation of classes
* all levels in Mat and different apparatus
* studio etiquette
* grading classes
* orientations and evaluations|
* how to see the body
* mind body connection/computer of the brain
* what to look for in the gait
* how to breathe and importance of the lungs

Total investment is $8,000. A La Carte is $4,500. It is a 450-hour internship. Exam credits of completion will be given from National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP). For more information, give us a call at 305-466-6611